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Yonghyeon Natural Recreation Forest

Geumbukjungmack (mountain range) starts from Gayasan (mountain,678m) and reach 653m high Sukmoonbong, Illaksan (mountain,521m), Sangwangsan (mountain, 307m) and Anheungjin in Taeanbando. It even touches Okyangbong (621m) and Sujeongbong (453m) and ends near Seosan Maae Samjonbulsang (rock-carved buddha triad). Lying cozily in this mother-like mountain range, the recreation forest is the best resting place. The Younghyun valley is one of the treasured ecosystem where almost endangered species live including natural monument no.452 golden bats, crawfish, lightning bug, and an eagle-owl. Yellow lycoris gather in group along the path to Baekamsaji. Many historical sites along Naepo trail in the forest offer the best place for youth to learn about culture and nature. Choi Chi-won, renowned writer in the Silla era, established “Gangdang(auditorium)”and taught writing so this place is called “Gangdangi”village.

Facilitiesand location

Lodging Facility Forest Cabin 2 cabins : (39㎡) for 6 persons
1 cabins : (49㎡) for 8 persons
2 cabins : (59㎡) for 10 persons
Lodging Complex 4 cabins : (23㎡) for 4 persons
4 cabins : (29㎡) for 5 persons
5 cabins : (39㎡) for 6 persons
Row cabin 2 cabins : (39㎡) for 5 persons
Camp Deck 20 (3.6m x 3.6m)
Red clay deck with Boiler 5 (3.1m x 3.1m)
Outdoor Learning Ground 1 (290㎡)
Viewing Point(to the West Coast 1
Cooking Area 2
Wooden Area 1 (2 x 26m)
Wooden Handicraft Booth 1
Trail Course Nature Trail : 2 (2.0㎞)
Bare Foot Trail : 0.5 ㎞
Naepo Trail : 6.5 ㎞
Amenity Trail for cultural and historic experience Haemieupsung ← illaksa(temple) ← recreation forest : 10㎞
Gaesimsa(temple) ← recreation forest : 5.0㎞
Namyeongunmyo(cemetery) ← recreation forest : 5.5㎞
Maae Samjon bulsang ← Bowonsaji ← recreation forest : 3.0㎞
Baekamsaji ← recreation forest : 3.4㎞
Hiking Trail Course Sukmunbong ← recreation forest: 5.0㎞
Illaksan(mountain) ← recreation forest : 5.0㎞
Soojeongbong ← recreation forest : 3.3㎞
Ockyangbong ← recreation forest : 3.8㎞
Maae Samjonbul-gil 339, Unsan-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungnam
(041) 664-1978
Destination used for navigation devices
Yonghyeon Natural Recreation Forest

Tourist attractions

  • Seosan Yonghyeon-ri Maaeyeolae Samjoinbulsang
    This rock-carved buddha triad inherited the artistic feature of the Samguk era while reflecting the style of Goryeo.
  • Haemieupseong
    Haemieupseong is a stone castle constructed in 1491 when King Sungjong ruled Joseon Dynasty and designated as historic site no. 116. Yi Sun-sin, widely esteemed general in the Joseon era, served as a officer in Haemieupseong.
  • Gaeshimsa
    It is 1,300 year-old buddhist temple constructed in 654 when Uija ruled Baekje. “Gaeshim”means “opening minds.”