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Baegunsan Natural Recreation Forest

Baegunsan (Mountain) Natural Recreation Forest in the chain of Mt. Baegun is located 10 km south of Wonju within 10~15 minute drive distance from Central Wonju and Namwonju IC. Youngsugol stream flowing down north from The peak of Mt. Baegun is named after the legendary dragon and has Daeyongso(big pond) and Soyongso(small pond). The dense forest, fresh waters and numerous rock formations all make up magnificent scenery and afford relaxing places so it is loved by all visitors especially family groups. In this forest is a walking path 11 km long which was designated as the first “healthy forest trail” in 2007 by the Korea Walking Association. Due to increasing concerns over health, more people come here for a walk. Furthermore, around this forest are national treasures including a Buddhist three story pagoda in Hweongbeopsaji, Jikwangguksa Hyeonmyotapbi ( memorial pagoda) and a zelkova tree in Hweongeop-myeon as well as historical sites of old temples, Guryongsa and Sangwonsa and Chiaksan (mountain) National Park. Local festivals such as Wonju Dynamic Festival, Korean Traditional Paper Festival and Gangwon Gamyeong Festival offer interesting events, attracting visitors.

Facilitiesand location

Lodging Facility Lodging Complex 13 lodgings : (36㎡) for 5 persons
Conference room (Baekun Hall)
Log cabin 1 cabin : (88㎡) for 20 persons
1 cabin : (100㎡) for 20 persons
1 conference hall : for 50 persons
Amenity Visitors Center Amphitheater 1 (1,261㎡)
Restroom 3
Parking Lot 1 (792㎡)
Deck Road 1 (200m)
Resting Place 7
81 Baegunsan-gil, Panbu-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do
Destination used for navigation devices
Baegunsan Natural Recreation Forest – Ticket office

Tourist attractions

  • Chiaksan National Park
    This mountain shows a magnificent sight and panoramic view along lofty peaks 1km high and steep valleys in between.
  • Oak Valley Resort
    Oak Valley Resort is a leisure complex with a 36 hole golf course, two condominium units and a village center and becomes a hot place for leisure seekers.
  • Guryongsa (temple)
    A legend is told that the Guryongsa Temple site was originally a lake where nine dragons lived. The name Guryong comes from the story that the lake was filled up to build the temple on it.