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Yonghwasan Natural Recreation Forest

Yonghwasan (Mountain) National Recreational Forest is located in one hour and half drive distance from the capital region. It is only 30 minute drive away from Chuncheon and Hwacheon so visitors can admire famous scenic views of Chuncheon and Hwacheon and also enjoy local festivals and local food such as Dakgalbi, stir-fried chicken and Makguksu, cold buckwheat noodles. Yonghawsan (Mountain) is one of the top 100 mountains in Korea designated by the Korea Forest Service and its natural broadleaf forest and planted coniferous forest are growing well in harmony. So it is the best place for forest bathing. Abundant waters flow along bedrocks in the valley, so getting into the mountain can be one of the best get-away from hot summer. Moreover, diverse fauna and flora inhabit here so it can be good for natural experience activities. Hiking and rock-climbing can be also enjoyed in the mountain. Visitors can admire fantastic views of the surrounding lake and mountain while hiking.

Facilitiesand location

Lodging Facility Lodging Complex A 3 cabins : (36㎡) for 6 persons
Lodging Complex B 5 cabins : (36㎡) for 6 persons
Lodging Complex C 5 cabins : (36㎡) for 6 persons
Lodging Complex D 1 cabins : (28㎡) for 6 persons
1 cabins : (42㎡) for 7 persons
1 cabins : (53㎡) for 10 persons
Multipurpose Cabin 1 cabins : (37㎡) for 6 persons
1 cabins : (43㎡) for 7 persons
1 cabins : (50㎡) for 10 persons
Conference Room 1 (60~80 seats)
Amenity Multipurpose Sports Facility (Futsal, Basketball, foot volley ball, etc.) : 1
Camping Deck 30 decks
Outdoor Learning Ground 1
Artificial climbing wall 1
Pavilion 2
Hiking Trail 1 (3.4㎞)
Walking Path 1 (2.4㎞)
Parking Lot 3 lots (70 cars & 7 buses)
Shower Booth 1
Cooking Area 1
Restroom 1
294 Sayeogol-gil, Sabuk-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do
Destination used for navigation devices
Yonghawsan Natural Recreation Forest – Ticket office

Tourist attractions

  • Soyanggang Dam
    Soyanggang (river) Dam is the largest rock-fill dam in Korea. In summer water sports are very popular and ice-fishing is also famous in winter. It is an all-season tourist attraction.
  • Gangchon Resort
    Gangchon Resort is very popular for school outing or member training activities. A lot of young people flock here throughout all seasons.
  • Gangwon Provincial Hwamokwon
    This Hwamokwon has an exhibition hall, an arboretum and a forest museum, with view of supporting the development, conservation, dissemination of native local flower trees and related research activities.