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Unaksan Natural Recreation Forest

Unaksan (Mountain) stands 935.5 m high above the sea level with strangely shaped rocks and peaks. For its graceful shape, it is called Sogeumgang (meaning a little “Geumgang” known for the most beautiful valley). Its stout rocks rise up out of cloud-topped peaks, and its decideous forest decorates the sky view with colored leaves in autumn. A local autumn leaf festival which takes place here around mid October attracts visitors by offering various activities such as mountain spirit ritual, Samulnori performance (traditional percussion quartet), flower exhibition, special products promotion, etc. Moreover, in spring valleys and rocks are embroidered with lily magnolia in mid April, and azalea and mountain magnolia in May. These flower-embroidered trails offer a magnificent view. Thus, Unaksan, one of the top five mountains in the central region is loved by a lot of people. Interestingly a valuable celadon dated back the end of Goryeo or early Joseon era was discovered and its kiln site is well-restored as the first kiln along the Hangang(river). A outdoor classroom and a playground are arranged under pine trees, offering a relaxation area.

Facilitiesand location

Lodging Facility Lodging Complex (3 buildings) 7 lodgings : (43㎡) for 7 persons
4 lodgings : (49㎡) for 9 persons
Row cabin(3 buildings) 6 cabins : (33㎡) for 5 persons
4 cabins : (50㎡) for 8 persons
Log cabin (1 buildings) 1 cabin: (71㎡) for 12 persons
Multipurpose Cabin 1 cabin : (138㎡) for 24 persons
Amenity Cultural Asset Kiln Site 1
Outdoor Classroo 1
Picnic Site 1
Playground 1
184, Hwadong-ro, Hwahyeon-myeon, Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do
Destination used for navigation devices
Unaksan Natural Recreation Forest or Unjusa (temple)

Tourist attractions

  • Sanjeong Lake
    Like a deep well this lake is enveloped around Myeongseongsan (Mountain) and Gwaneumsan (Mountain). It is named Sanjeong; ‘san’ is another name of mountain and ‘jeong’ means lake. This lake attracts tourists every season. From spring to autumn, water sports can be enjoyed such as boating and water skiing, and ice skating is popular in winter.
  • Pocheon Art Valley
    This art valley sits on an old stone-cutting site in the 1960s. The city of Pocheon transformed the abandoned stone-cutting site into a culture and art space.
  • Herb Island
    Herb Island encompasses Un Petit Village representing French farmhouses, the largest herb museum in Korea, a garden, an aroma therapy center, a herb rib restaurant, a herb cafe, a herb bakery and a herb store. It is open year-round and offers comfort and relaxation through the Mediterranean herbs and five senses experience.