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Jungmisan Natural Recreation Forest

The top of Jungmisan overlooks a panoramic view of Yongmunsan(Mt.), Seoul, Namhangang(river) and Bukhangang(river) and is well-known for its sunrising view. A uphill pass to this forest called Nongdachigogae(mountain pass) originated from an old folk tale. One farm servant who had crash on his master’s daughter. One day the daughter, a bride now on the way to her bridegroom’s house, and was accompanied by her party including him. He was very frustrated, carrying a bride wardrobe on his back. He ran it furtively against rocks along the mountain pass, giving a lame excuse that the mountain pass was too winding and steepy. From time to time he wept saying “the wardrobe is hurting”. Accodingly, the mountain pass was named Nong (wardrobe) + dachi (hurt). This forest has a hiking trail and walking paths and also provide guided forest programs including observations on insects. Various lodgings are well arranged in harmony with nature, including log cabins and camping decks on which tents can be set up. People in this modern era can stay in these naturally harmonized lodgings enjoying clean air of the forest.

Facilitiesand location

Lodging Facility Log cabin 1 building & 1 cabin : (110m2) for 16 persons
Row cabin 2 building & 6 cabin : (49m2) for 8 persons
Amenity Camping deck 64
Exercise facility 1
Cooking area 3
Parking lot 1
1152 Jungmisan-ro, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
Destination used for navigation devices
Jungmisan Natural Recreation Forest

Tourist attractions

  • Minmulgogi (fresh water fish) Ecosystem Education Center
    The Center features fresh water fish including 70 rare fish so visitors can take a closer look at a wide range of fish varieties.
  • Sonagi Village
    This village is created in commemoration of a famous literature author HWANG Sunwon whose best-known novel “Sonagi” means a passing rain. Visitors can honor the memory and achievements of him.
  • Seamiwon
    A naturally filtering park features water plants. 100 varieties of water lilies grow in Saegae Water Lily Garden which is used for surveys on filtering functions of water plants and for education programs.