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Chilbosan Natural Recreation Forest

Chilbosan (Mountain) Natural Recreation Forest, located in a pine forest, shows the great beauty of a Mountain and provides the great view of blue East Sea. The reason that it is called Chilbosan (Mountain), is because of a legend. In Goryeo age, some Chinese people came, and drank water from the Mountain, and said “the water is different from normal water, so there must be seven great treasures in this Mountain.” Therefore people of the village started looking for those treasures, and found rock clothes, deodeok(Korean Herb), ginseng, a milk vetch root, a boar, cooper and iron. Since then, they called the Mountain Chilbo(seven treasures). With a big pine forest, and a valley with clear water, it is also close to a beach, therefore many people can enjoy their summer vacations. Also people can see the sunrise in the forest, therefore it gets crowded in New Year’s Eve.

Facilitiesand location

Lodging Facility Log cabin 2 lodgings : (16㎡) for 3 persons
3 lodgings : (33㎡) for 5 persons
2 lodgings : (43㎡) for 6 persons
1 lodgings : (49㎡) for 8 persons
1 lodgings : (66㎡) for 11 persons
Multipurpose Cabin 4 lodgings : (33㎡) for 5 persons
Logding Complex A 7 lodgings : (26㎡) for 4 persons
3 lodgings : (49㎡) for 8 persons
Logding Complex B 1 lodgings : (36㎡) for 5 persons
1 lodgings : (39㎡) for 6 persons
6 lodgings : (43㎡) for 6 persons
4 lodgings : (49㎡) for 8 persons
1 lodgings : (76㎡) for 13 persons
1 lodgings : (83㎡) for 15 persons
Amenity Seminar Room 1 (for 50 persons)
Wood Handicraft Booth 1
Campground 3 (for 38 teams)
Grass field 1
Pavilion 1
Rest area 3
Cooking area 2
Shower booth 1 booths
Hiking trail Chilbosan (Mountain) (4.3km)
Deungunsan (Mountain) (2.2km)
Walking trail Chilbo trail (1.6km)
587, Chilbosan-gil, Byunggok-myeon, Yeongduk-gun, Gyeongbuk
Destination used for navigation devices
Chilbosan Mountain Natural Recreation Forest ticket office

Facilitiesand location

  • Yugeumsa (Temple)
    The oldest temple in the town, and there is a three story stone pagoda, a main temple, hyangrojeon, and sansingak.
  • Seongnyugul Cave
    It was formed 250 million years ago, and it is the Natural Monument No. 155.
  • Yeongduk Wind Farm
    The first private wind farm for commercial purpose in Korea, it gives an exotic view along with a sunrise park nearby.